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Shenouda Nosshy’s relatives’ testimony

شهادة أقارب الشهيد شنودة نصحي باللغة العربية

The video was shot in front of the Coptic Hospital on Monday, October 10th, 2011 according to the statement of the camera man. The video is 2 minutes and 29 seconds long.

The video dialogue:

A person who seems to be Shenouda’s father speaks with a hoarse voice from crying: His head is split in half people, they ran the tank over him people, oh Shenouda, oh Shenouda!

Then someone is repeating that Shenouda’s blood will not go in vain, and the reporter asks if anyone else knew the martyr. Another youth responds in assent, so the reporter asks him to speak because the martyr’s father can’t. So the other youth speaks.

The reporter: tell me what happened to you?

The relative: Shenouda went to the protest…

The reporter: where are you from?

The relative: from Menia.

The reporter: where did you come to the demonstrations from?

The relative: from Maghagha, Ashneen village

The reporter: where did you join the protest from?

The relative: Shenouda and his brother in law started off with the demonstration in Shoubra Square, they met there.

The reporter: did they live in Shoubra or did they just meet there for the protest?

The relative: he lives in Omrania but met his brother in law there and headed to Maspero, then the shooting began. Everyone ran. He did. His brother in law ran away too. I’ve been to every hospital in town today even the Zeinhom Morgue. I can’t find him. This is the third time I come and try to identify his corpse, but I can’t. They ran over his head with a tank.

The reporter: do you mean that you haven’t found him yet?

The relative: no he’s inside. His mother says “he’s got a St. George tattoo…he’s got a St. George tattoo, he’s wearing a bracelet..he’s wearing a bracelet, he’s wearing white socks..he’s wearing white socks”

A person inquires as to the cause of his death and whether it was a heart attack.

The relative: his head was run over. Go take his photo.

The other person: yes, this is Shenouda that the tank ran over…the armoured personnel carrier. His face is gouged out., his head is split open and his skull is sticking out the back. It’s him. Shenouda Nosshy Attia Rezk of Maghagha, Minia, Ashmeen village.

An old lady in the back that seems to be also a relative: we don’t know.

The reporter: so you didn’t identify him by appearance??

The relative: we recognized the bracelet on his wrist, the tattoo, the socks, his shirt. His mother said he was wearing a white shirt. She’s here of course. But they have shut his eyes and wrapped him in a white piece of cloth, a shroud, you know? We went to examine the outfit he was wearing. They brought it. It was his.

The reporter: do you wish to say anything else?

The old lady: we don’t know him.

The relative: God gives and God takes away.

During the video the father utters cries like “oh, my dear..oh, my precious..his head is split in half..they ran over his head with a tank.”

Reported from in front of the Coptic Hospital on Monday, October 10, 2011 the testimony of the relatives of Shenouda Nosshy who was run over by the Egyptian army’s armoured personnel carriers– the occupation – on the 9th of October 2011, and whose family could only identify him through his bracelet and his tattoo after his features were effaced.

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