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Ragy El-Kashef’s Testimony

شهادة راجي الكاشف باللغة العربية

In the Name of God and the precious Egyptian homeland

I was in Bustan Coffeeshop around 7 pm, and I knew there was an attack on the march, but I thought it was just bluffing like every time. I found out via twitter not from the failing television. Anyway I went to see what was happening, and I found the same scene as the camel battle on February 2nd. I got a little scared because I was among thugs and soliders and there wasn’t a single officer. Once again: there wasn’t a single officer. All the soldiers present were Muslims because they were cursing at the march saying: “Those Christian sons of a whore pimps” – and I apologize to my Coptic Egyptian brethren for mentioning the profanity. Throughout this whole time – approximately two hours – the soldiers were beating anyone, anyone, for just being Christian or carrying a cross. I saw a scene with my own eyes that will forever haunt me. There was a woman with a child and her husband who were carrying a cross and standing in the Maspero parking lot..Suddenly the soliders attacked them and assaulted the three of them as well as another woman who had a child carrying a cross, for absolutely no reason. They hadn’t even uttered a word. It is worth mentioning that the place was full of thugs and military and central security forces. Anyway they all continued assaulting them in every way (slapping, kicking, head butting, using their batons) and I could hear the woman screaming and I couldn’t do anything about it, I couldn’t even say “this is wrong!”.

The second scene was when I was standing on the October bridge and I saw three soldiers carrying a corpse and throwing it in the Nile. There was a military police officer standing with them. When I pulled out my camera to take a picture, the soldier yelled “Get that son of a bitch with the camera!” but I ran off until I got to downtown.

The vengefulness was between Muslim soldiers – all of them – and Coptic protesters – even if there were infiltrators amongst them – yet I swear to God not a single one of those beaten were from these infiltrators, because they know that during the beating they join the soldiers and the thugs, and using a password too! The point is the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces cooked this up to make the great America take the Christians’ side and protect minorities, and of course when our Coptic brethren see that Egyptian Muslims are not by their side and supporting them….

The soldiers went into downtown after the regular people – let’s call them Egyptians – shooting blanks and tear gas. They chased after them until they reached El Borsa coffeeshop and they were beating whoever was in front of them. My friends and I were beaten there.

In conclusion: Mubarak’s Military Council wants to create a rift between people so that they can rule us and create the chaos that was promised by Mubarak the dog, the coward, who is peacefully enjoying the International Medical Center while we are biting the dust. Down with military rule – down with all traitors!

My name is: Ragy Mohamed El Kashef

24 years old, I am a small-time director.

My ID number is 2100655 Omraneya – Giza. I took the risk and provided my information because I am not afraid of being killed. It’s one life and one God and one nation – Egypt.

Published on the witness’s Facebook page on October 10, 2011 at 1:18 am, under the title “My testimony regarding October 9 events – Maspero massacre” (in Arabic)

translated by Shereen Zaky.

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