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Amal El-Mohandes’s testimony

شهادة أمل المهندس باللغة العربية

I arrived at Maspero in front of the Radio and Television building at around 5:35 PM, to participate in a candlelight vigil. I met a friend there, and we were distributing candles among demonstrators. While walking towards the building I noticed a huge mass of Central Security Forces (CSF), Military Police and army armed personnel carriers (APC). I have never seen such a huge number of forces before in a demonstration. When the Shubra march arrived, we were applauding and cheering. There were chants before and after the march arrived, chants like “Muslim and Christian are one hand” and “Down with the military rule” and so on.

Only 30-40 seconds after the march arrived he Military Police started shooting demonstrators…We were scurrying like chickens, watching people fall around us. Injuries and lots of blood.. My friend and I saw a dead man who was shot in his back and between his thighs (it most probably bounced back from the floor to hit him). People were hysterical, and all the stores were closing down. We tried to find a pharmacy and we tried to enter Hilton Ramsis mall but they stopped us and told us it was closed.

Three friends (a girl and two men) arrived with medical supplies – gauze, cotton, Betadine, and bandages. We built a small field hospital behind the kiosk at the entrance of the Ramsis Hilton mall street. We received a lot of injuries caused by live bullets and rubber bullets in legs and thighs as well as cuts to the heads and broken legs.

After that, we saw from a distance thugs attacking demonstrators from the October bridge ramp to Zamalek and then the teargas started. Every now and again we had to run away from thugs until we reached Talaat Harb Street, then Qasr El-Nil Street – where we met more friends – then Tahrir Square. Then we had to run again in the direction of the Borsa coffee shops, due to attacks from thugs and Military Police.

At around 11 or 12 (I can’t remember very well) we all left the area.

Amal El-Mohandes.



Sent by email on 13 October at 09:56 AM, a screenshot of the print page is attached.
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