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Hazem Sherif’s testimony

شهادة حازم شريف بالعربية


Hazem Sherif corroborated the testimony of Sherif Adel, and added:

I have nothing to add to Sherif Adel’s testimony, except this. When we were in Tahrir Square the day of the Maspero massacre, it was the first time I saw the army and the people as ‘one hand’ indeed: they were rounding up and arresting Christians together.

Hazem Sherif

Related testimonies: Sherif Adel, Ahmad Qamhawy, and Patrick George.

Sent via email on October 14, 2011 at 14:44 as a package of tesimonies entitled, “Testimonies of the German University Revolutionaries on the Maspero events.” Attached is a print image of the email.

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